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Bickerstaffe 2019 Novice A/V Spaniel Field Trial Results

04 Dec 2019
1st Dawsonlee Krystal Mr Richard Wells Mr Richard Wells
CoM Tyberius Bud Mr Robert Fairhurst Mr Robert Fairhurst


Lupton Shoot - Field Trial Winner - Mr Chris Slater with Saxonvale Adria

13 Nov 2019

Congratulations to Chris on winning the Lupton Novice AV Spaniel Field Trial by kind permission of Mr G Mullaney and Keeper, Daniel Redfern.


1st Saxonvale Adria Mr Chris Slater Mr Chris Slater
2nd Windforge moon of Nithvalley Mr Andrew Platt Mr Andrew Platt
3rd Whaupley Lancaster of tarncrag Ms F Ardley Ms F Ardley
4th KilHopemoss skylark Mr John Semmens Mr John Semmens
CoM Cornermarsh Haw Head Girl at Lindowmoor Mr Damian Riley Mr Damian Riley


Winster Open A/V Spaniel (ex. Spaniel Cocker) ~ 29/10/19 ~ Winner Mr D Horsman with Cornermarsh Charisma

29 Oct 2019
Position Dog Owner Handler
1st Cornermarsh Charisma Mr David Horsman Mr David Horsman
2nd Helmsway Harrington Mr Ian English Mr Ian English
3rd Broomfeild Lori Mr Paul Matthews Mr Paul Matthews
4th Buccleugh Quince Mrs Tina Nicholas Mrs Tina Nicholas
CoM Chinchgook Dawn Run of Dawsonlee Mr Ian Openshaw Mr Stephen Tyson
CoM Helmsway Hotshot Mr Ian English Mr Ian English


Congratulations to Mr Mike Nelson with Hawksgarth Indiana

22 Oct 2019

The club would like to recognise our winner of the Wolfen Hall, Open Retreiver Field Trial held 22/10/19.

Mr Mike Nelson and his Labrador Ret. now made up to 'FTCH' Hawksgarth Indiana - Scooping both First Place and also Guns Choice Awards.

Second Place went to Mr V Price with his Lab.B  'Gallowayrose April'

No Other Awards 


Hawksgarth Indiana


Club Secretary Field Trial Success

18 Oct 2019

Novice Win for Sharmesvale Velvet Scoter


Congratulations to Lee Marson (Spaniel Secretary) who's ESS bitch 'Livvy' Won the North Western Counties Field Trials Association's Novice Spaniel Trial. 

On the previous Day, Lee had also achieved 4th with his ESS Dog, 'Bolt', in the North Open Trial. Well done Lee, Livvy and Bolt 🏆

A great couple of days!



Total Management System

03 Oct 2019

Just to clarify to our membership, exactly what the system does with regards to  entries and draw prioritisation.

For Open Stakes 

  1. Qualified Members Dog
  2. Qualified Non Members Dog
  3. Members Dog with Another Qualification
  4. Non Members Dog with Another Qualification
  5. Members Non Qualified Dog
  6. Non Members Non Qualified Dog
  7. Anything else

Once put into these categories, the dogs in each category are then grouped by primary dog, secondary dog.....So if there are any second dogs entered (i.e. multiple dogs owned by the same person) - the order for open stakes would/could become 

  1. Qualified Members Primary Dogs
  2. Qualified Members Second Dogs
  3. Qualified Non Members Primary Dogs
  4. Qualified Non Members Second Dogs
  5. Members Primary Dog with Another Qualification
  6. Members Second Dog with Another Qualification
  7. Non Members Primary Dog with Another Qualification
  8. Non Members Second Dog with Another Qualification
  9. Members Not Qualified Primary Dog
  10. Members Not Qualified Second Dog
  11. Non Members Non Qualified Primary Dog
  12. Non Members Non Qualified Second Dog
  13. Anything else


For any other 'Non Open' Event Stake: ie, Novice, Working Test etc.

  1. Members Dog
  2. Non Members Dog
  3. Anything else

This is based on the Kennel Club Rules for draw prioritisation.


LMFTS Committee


New Website

15 Sep 2019

The website changes  are intended to deliver enhanced user experience when interacting with the Lancs & Merseyside Field Trial Society. We encourage all members to use online services, as you know the role of our secretaries is very time consuming and at times, very challenging - we ask that you support our club to run as smoothly as possible and use the online services that we have invested, on behalf of our members.

Within the profile section you will be able to;

  • Confirm and validate your contact details, and create your new password.
  • Upload your dog details (supports multiple entries).
  • Opportunity to apply for our Spaniel and Labrador Trials for the coming season (online).

The new website is designed to make the club run more efficiently from both membership and committe perspectives. We will of course continue to support paper applications, but please consider adopting the online processes - we are here to support you with this as it helps both Members and Club Officials.

  • Automated Membership application & annual renewal process.
  • Improved Field Trial and Working Test application process; including an automated draw system to ensure fairness and transparency is maintained.
  • Provides you with more convenient payment choices (PayPal, BACS or Standing Order).
  • Web site optimised for both IOS & Android Smart Phones.

I wish you all the very best of luck for this season, and the committee and I would like to hear you feedback once you have had the opportunity try the new site.

Thanks and Regards

Mike Humphrey

Chairman LMFTS