Field Trials 2019 & 20'

We are holding two Retriever Stakes for the upcoming 2019 & 2020 season.


The committee would appreciate the membership following the online application process.


You can also view Entries, Draws and Results at any time by simply clicking on the link below.


Stake 1


Venue: WOLFEN HALL,PR3 2NZ, Meet 9:00am for approx 9.30am start.

Date: Tue 22 Oct

Entries close: 9 Oct 2019 - Draw 8pm Wheatsheaf, LA8 8AN 

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Stake 2 

MEOLS - Nov AV Ret - 14 Dog

Venue: Meols Hall, Churchtown, Southport.PR9 7LZ. Meet 9:00am for approx 9.30am start.

Date: Fri 1st Nov

Entries close: 18 Oct 2019 - Draw 8pm Wheatsheaf, LA8 8AN

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 We cannot run trials without volunteers to help on the day. This is the best way to see dogs working. Please contact the Field Trial Secretary if you can help. Without helpers the day cannot take place!


Terms and Conditions of Entry

1. Trials are held under KCL Rules & Regulations ‘J'. Dogs entered at Kennel Club Ltd (KCL) Licensed Field Trials must be registered at the KCL in accordance with KCL Regulations for Classification and Registration B.

2. All dogs resident outside the UK must be issued with a KCL Authority to Compete number before entry can be made.

3. By entering you confirm you have read, understood and agreed the clubs Rules and Regulations/Health and Safety Policy.

4. Only handlers named on the entry form may handle the dog. All dogs must be on lead except when under judge's orders.

5. KCL Codes of Conduct specify behaviour expected of those taking part in competitive Gundog work. Participants should be aware of their contents and never publicly impugn the decisions of the Judge nor criticise the host, ground or guns.

6. No dog shall have been registered or recorded as owned, handled at a trial, boarded or prepared for competition by one of the scheduled judges in the last 12 months prior to the trial; except when a judge is appointed in an emergency. (see J13 a (5&6).

7. Videography and photography will only be permitted at a Field Trial with the permission of the Chief Steward and host. Electronic Recording Devices must be used with care. You must exercise sensitivity with regard publication of photographs and are specifically asked not to publicise results of events until AFTER award presentations.

8. Preference in the draw will be given to members. 9. Any Member with subscriptions in arrears will not receive preference in the draw.

10. The order of the draw will be the order of running, all dogs and handlers must be present at the commencement of the test, as announced by the Chief Steward

11. Separate cheques must be sent for each entry

12. Once the trial is deemed to have commenced (as announced by the Chief Steward) all mobile phones must be turned off. Competitors not present will forfeit their place to a reserve.

13. Anyone unable to utilise an entry must notify the Field Trial Secretary at once.

14. A dog must, at the time of entry for a test be registered as required by the Kennel Club Rules and Regulations in the owner's name ( or registration or transfer applied for).

15. All competitors are expected to abide by the EU Animal Welfare in Transit Regulation (EC) 1/2005

16. If the society runs 2 Open and 2 Novice Retriever Stakes in a season, anyone who enters and is successful in the draw for each of those stakes, may be asked by the society which of those stakes he / she wishes to run in. This will be clearly marked on both schedules.

17. Withdrawals within 7 days of the test will forfeit their FULL entry fee unless a veterinary note is provided or the dog has qualified out of novice and must be done by telephone only.

18. No substitutes will be allowed until all the reserves have been approached.

19. The Society reserves the right to refuse entries except that this shall not apply in terms of preference in the draw regulations (Ref. J6g).

20. The Society does not accept responsibility for loss, injury or damage to persons or property however occasioned.

21. If circumstances so dictate the Society, in consultation with the judges, may alter arrangements as necessary. Such changes and the circumstances surrounding them must be reported to the Kennel Club at the earliest opportunity.

22. No modification will be made to this schedule except by permission of the Kennel Club followed by advertisement in appropriate journals if time permits before the closing of entries.

23. No bitches in season to be brought to the test ground. No dogs suffering from any infectious disease should be brought to the test ground. Harsh handling or punitive correction at Trials is not allowed.

24. Should the stake be abandoned owing to bad weather, half the entry fee will be returned.

25. Trophies will be held for a period of 11 months and must be returned to F/T Secretary.

The Club is very grateful to our hosts for the use of their land.

We also give sincere thanks to Skinner's our Working Test & Field Trial sponsors.

Chairperson: Mike Humphrey - Retriever Field Trial Sec: Mr N C Aubrey -   Hon. Mem Sec: Mr P Brooks -


Please find attached the retreiver schedule for 2019/20. We would prefer members to enter via the online process above. Please contact Nick Aubrey or Stuart Woodcock should you need any help with this.


 2019 Retriever Field Trial Schedule
 Field Trial Entry Form